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Valentino Interiors, LLC
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by Ron on Valentino Interiors, LLC
Headliner and Seat repair

Great job. Had my headliner and my seat repaired. Very satisfied. I am going to have him work on my other car next week.

by Gary on Valentino Interiors, LLC
Car Seat Covers

I received custom seat covers as a gift for my 2020 Ford Fusion. The covers were ordered from Amazon. Installing the covers was a bigger project than what I could manage. My girlfriend called Valentino Interiors to ask if they could install the covers for my car. They agreed to install the covers. They did an excellent job. I would recommend Valentino Interiors for professional installation service. Thanks Ernest and team for your excellent work,

by Cindy J. on Valentino Interiors, LLC
All Good in the End

I was devastated when the party I hosted on my father's boat ended up with damage to a couple of the seats. I had to find a boat upholstery repair expert fast, or he would not allow me to use it ever again. Fortunately, this company came up on a search, and they were able to mend the damage without him even noticing it was there. I was so relieved, and the cost of the service was well worth paying.

by Claire D. on Valentino Interiors, LLC
A Lesson Learned

I knew that carrying equipment around in my car would one day lead to upholstery damage, and that day came not so long ago. Not only did I have to find a professional car upholstery repair provider, but it also meant that I would have to buy a van to ensure it didn't happen again. The repair was so good that I could not tell where the damage had been, and even though it should not happen again, I know where to go if it does.

by T. Morgan on Valentino Interiors, LLC
I Am Really Pleased With the Service

I recently purchased a boat, which was in perfect condition, except for the upholstery. It is just one of those things that suffer from the effects of the saltwater and the heat and UV rays from the sun. The previous owner had made an allowance for it to be replaced in the cost and even gave me the number of this boat upholstery company that he had used in the past. I called, expecting no answer as it was over ten tears ago he last used them, but to my surprise, they were still in business and thriving. I was also thrilled with the standard of their work and happily paid the price for the service. Hopefully, they will be there when I need them again.

by J. Fish on Valentino Interiors, LLC
Keeping Up High Standards

It is important that my customers get the best from my hotel, and this includes the comfort they deserve. I will not allow the standards to drop as this would affect the reputation I have spent years building. When any item of furniture shows any signs of wear, stains, or damage to the fabric, I take it to this upholstery shop to have them professionally restored. I am more than happy to recommend their work as I have never been let down or disappointed.

by R. King on Valentino Interiors, LLC
Better Than I Expected

They really do not make things the way they used to do they. I have had my sofa and chairs for over forty years, and apart from the upholstery, they were in exceptional condition. I had looked at all the new fancy ones they have in the stores and decided that it was better to keep the ones I had and just have new material put on them. Some old friends were at my place playing bridge, and the topic came up in conversation. One of them suggested calling this company, as they did the upholstery for his grandson's car. After some discussion and time choosing the new fabric, they gave me a price to complete the work. I was astounded that when the items returned that they were the ones I sent, as they looked that good!

by Bernard V. Lewis on Valentino Interiors, LLC

I am very proud of my boat, which is why I go through great lengths to keep it immaculate. I decided to change its upholstery and called your company because of your reputation. I must admit that I am utterly impressed with your workmanship. Thank you!

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